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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I finished painting the primary colors (black, white, red, bleached bone, boltgun metal, bronze for bullets, flesh for Sgt.) on the 10-man Raven Guard Terminator squad -- still need to finish the bases and go back over for a little fine detail work. I'm also going to add an older Terminator Librarian model to the mix and repaint him while I'm finishing up the other elite comrades. I'll have some new photos posted soon.

On deck, waiting to be painted following the Terminator squad, is this custom shooty ML dreadnought:
This is the AoBR dreadnought with a spare TL Lascannon right arm and a custom built Missile launcher left arm, pieced together from a Typhoon missile launcher and two perpendicularly attached hunter-killer missiles. I chopped off the DccW from the original kit left arm (this one fits snugly without glue and also allows the arm to be rotated and still provide enough tension to position the arm/gun at any angle). I was trying to represent both frag & krak missile options; don't worry Internet, I know only Ironclads can take HK's ;)

I'll get some close-ups posted soon, but for now here's a quick view of what a twist of the arm can do:

Here's side and top views:

This was actually the 6th dreadnought I recently built for a Master of the Forge list. I'll have a painting table feature for each of these mech warriors coming soon, as well as the leader who enables up to 6 dreads and is one of my favorite conversions... the MotF on Bike!

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