GW Cancels Half of my Space Marine Armies

Friday, July 28, 2023

End of an era.

Poor grey plastic Scout Biker never got to ride properly painted into battle...

Actually, poor this guy who never made it out of the box:

Games Workshop announced the culling of 14 classic Space Marine units this week, which hit my army collection pretty hard.

I guess they knew they had an unpopular decision with the concession that bikers "...could stay in your army, using the rules for Outriders." 

Even with the official blessing to use them as proxies, I don't think I could stomach re-basing every single bike in my collection.

RIP Raven Guard biker army:

To top it all off, they then decide to paywall the army list building portion of their app while raising the price of the paywall (warhammer+)... in an edition that touted free rules, this is a really dumb decision. Kinda saps some of the enthusiasm for 10th. I'm still going to paint those scout bikers & close combat scouts tho...

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