Best 3D Prints - Part 2

Saturday, February 26, 2022


Even more prints! (pic heavy)

This pokemon is probably the most detailed thing we've printed so far. I couldn't get it to print without supports, but those peeled off easily with this one.

I had to re-print the bike when I switched to black filament (not to mention print it correctly this time).

I haven't glued any pieces yet but just picked up some new super glue that will hopefully work with this type of filament.

When the filament reel gets low it's riskier to do large prints but the perfect time to have 10mm Warmaster files at the ready.

I ended up leaving most of the mis-print on the bloodthirster as it looks like he's spewing fire down on the battlefield. Also, I should note that I haven't really cleaned most of the warmaster and smaller prints yet; I'm hoping to pick up a hobby blow torch to give a couple quick passes to melt away the spider thin strands and also smooth out the layer lines.

No excuses now... the great 25 - 32mm re-base effort is underway.

This next thing blew my mind a little; 2 interlocking pieces within a single print:

Pedal board build options. Really happy with this one!

The actual best prints have been the wargaming terrain pieces, but I took too many pictures so those will get their own post. Cheers!

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