DreadTober '21 - Week 3

Friday, October 22, 2021


Dropping in with week 3 updates...

This year's challenge ends up being roughly 1 big model per week (2 dreads + 2 pods) which has ended up working out well so far. I'm still working on the dreads from earlier but the main focus gets to change each week so that keeps things interesting.

This week I began work on the first Drop Pod, and also when I learned that normal pods can't transport dreadnoughts anymore 😕

Apparently this change happened back in 8th edition (the tragically short-lived best version of 40k ever published) when I was only playing my Dark Eldar. Bummer. I will not be purchasing the Forge World pods that allow you to still do this. It would have been nice if the codex would have stated this restriction like they did for everything else in the book... For example, I know this wouldn't be possible because Eradicators have the Primaris keyword which is printed under the restrictions on the Drop Pod datasheet:

Wouldn't that be scary 👀

Anyway, in game terms this means the base needs to be slightly bigger -- if someone has an actual FW Dreadnought drop pod and can let me know in the comments the measurements on the base I'd appreciate it. For now, my solution will be to use the old blast templates which I think are close to the actual size of the FW pod and measure from that for game purposes. No wonder you don't see many drop pods anymore...

I managed to get the main colors on the interior of one pod close to done but blimey there's a lot of surface area on these things! The outside is daunting but we'll see if I can push thru then do it all over again next week 😉

This is what I use over my decals to help them blend in and look less like transfers:

The red block wasn't standing out enough on the 2nd dreadnought so I decided to paint all the skulls red:

Closing in on the final home stretch of this challenge, it's already exciting to see these models come to life with a little paint. Go check out the main DreadTober page to see all the amazing minis folks are working on this month and good luck on the final week of the challenge!

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