DreadTober '21 - Week 1

Saturday, October 9, 2021


DreadTober 2021 week 1 update.

Here's the beginning group shot of what I'm hoping to complete for this year's challenge:

All models were already primed with an olive drab spray, and the dreadnoughts & 1 drop pod had some hastily applied dry-brushing with a lighter craft store Spanish olive green; the bases also had my standard mixture already glued down. Thankfully, I'm not starting from the assembly stage with these or I'm not sure I could pull it off (especially if I had to rubber band glue those warped pods again...)

I still wanted to build something and looking at my collection the kit that I've procrastinated the longest on is probably the Land Speeder Storm crew. I luckily found all the old bits (in my oldest of bitz bins) and rectified the situation:

They've since been primed, along with these three Eradicators for good measure:

Back to the dreadnoughts... I was able to get a base layer of gunmetal and a wash all over with Agrax on one. The second should follow much quicker once I nail down all the colors.

Apologies Marc for being late with my updates! I'll try to do better next week ­čśë

Looks like folks are off to a great start, cheers everyone!

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