Backlog busting

Friday, July 9, 2021


Expanding my Drukhari options & reducing my unbuilt backlog feels good. Ravagers, Reavers, and Hellions are getting called up from the bench!

Heat Lances, Dark Lance Ravagers, 2 damage Hellions... more ranged & combat DMG goodness. I really enjoyed my "sampler platter" ACO list as it allowed me to try a little bit of everything, and that it did! However, it was a little bit too unfocused and all over the place for my inexperienced self. I think it's a fine list you just have to manage a lot of rules interactions and not lose sight of objectives; I recently heard of a player winning an RTT with a 'one of everything' Drukhari list, and I can totally see why. Dark Eldar have a lot of great unit options that can fill in or perform a backup role in a pinch, as a lot of people forget anything living to turn 5 in our army is a fearless, probably better than you in melee unit with an invulnerable save. Juiced up Liquifiers were strong, but it's the army's speed and mobility to capture objectives that win the dark kin games. Oh yeah, and 'always fights first' Cult of Strife is pretty good apparently...

 Adding some more shardnets for Wych squads and finally motivated to finish a finecast squad of Mandrakes. Also making repairs to the minis that saw battle damage from travelling last month.

Old Draz and a couple squads of Incubi are also on the table but then remembered I have to get more of the 28.5mm bases so that is the next step for these guys. I also get sick of working on metal models if I have to pin them, as drilling with carpal tunnel feels like sadomasochism or maybe a little too much dark eldar in my real life, except I get zero power from this pain lol. That's all for now, looking forward to trying all of these units out in my next army list.


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