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Wednesday, July 7, 2021


3 Generations of Lelith Hesperax. Which model do you prefer?

The middle one was my first and the one that holds the most nostalgia for me. If you kitbashed the new hair bits onto the 2nd gen model, that would be the best of all -- I prefer the face and pose of the older model which matches more closely with older codex art/images of Lelith. But the new sculpt is epic as well (let's not compare the ease of building metal vs plastic, especially those tiny metal arms that I've re-glued about 1000 times, death by 1000 super glues ­čśĆ)

base size changes messing with my movement trays...

Much like my old Drazhar, with the larger official bases becoming law I have the opportunity to use these older beloved models as squad leaders or to represent special custom characters, like that Cult of Strife strat that lets you make a Hekatrix a pseudo-succubus...

Speaking of old Draz (now just a really fancy Klaivex), I did add some shoulder armor bits and closing in on the final modifications, namely the back trophy racks which are hard to pull off with such a dynamic pose:

Anyways, rules-wise Lelith isn't bad but she doesn't jump out as amazing either, mostly because of how bloody beat-stick a standard Succubus can be for less points. So I haven't written a list with her yet, but I'm excited to finally paint up her old model and really lean into the Cult units for my next list. Anyone try new Lelith out in a game yet or planning to? Which incarnation of her model do you prefer?

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