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Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Born to Rock N' Roll

Joe gets a new guitar effects pedal and tries windows Video Editor for the first time (video down below)...

After some mail delays due to weather, I finally received my new pedal, the Dispatch Master by EarthQuaker Devices:

Totally worth the wait and love that pink & black finish! It adds dimension to the music creating atmosphere and ambiance, which is much easier to feel when you're in the same room, but hopefully some of that is coming thru on my amateur home audio recordings. I can't get enough of this thing and it's given me a fun little side project of pairing some of my music demos with videos taken with my old 2008 camcorder, using the native windows 10 Video Editor app ­čśé. It's no Final Cut, but the basics are there to create a video. This is the first one I made using footage from a hike Ellie and I did a couple months back:

Hiking has been such a healing activity for myself and my family, and has been especially helpful over this past year.

Spending time with my family, hiking & exploring nature, and making music are all things that bring me immense joy.

Those little minis in the display case are pretty cool too ­čśë

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