Fembruary Challenge 2021

Monday, February 15, 2021


My entries for this year's Fembruary hobby challenge!

First up is this Adepta Sororitas Imagifier I'm painting for my oldest daughter, Ellie, and her Sisters of Battle army :)

My wife accidently knocked the model over which caused the top to snap off (something I should go back and add as a positive to Garfy's Get-A-Grip review over GW's painting handle as the Grip's finger rest acts as a shield taking the impact if it falls over) -- but this was actually serendipitous as I was looking for an excuse to get new mini-sized drill bits haha. And these from the Army Painter were perfect, giving even more sizes than my previous pack from Dremel:

Some brass bar and super glue later and we are good to go.

Next up, I'd like to paint Yvraine for my Ynnari army (before I get totally distracted by the new Drukhari codex in a few weeks!)

I've really enjoyed painting with both of my girls ­čĺĽ

This is Daisy's first model -- I love the color she picked & mixed herself!

Next up is Ellie's Primaris Chaplain; she's picked out some great colors as well (especially that washed orange) and is showing some excellent brush control!

What are you painting for Fembruary?

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