DreadTober 2020 Finale

Friday, October 30, 2020

DreadTober 2020 wraps up; come check out my scary monsters 👀

I even busted out the light box for this one!

It's not perfect but I think it yielded better pictures (it certainly highlighted all the areas I missed or need to go back and touch up later haha).

DreadTober this year was awesome! I'm so happy to see these murder monstrosities come together and can't wait to try them in some games.

I wanted to post up the main pledge and first stretch goal sooner than later, however I'm planning to follow-up tomorrow with a post on the second stretch goal... No, I didn't finish it, but I'll put it in the light box and get some current-state pics.

Without further ado, here's more pics of my Talos:

Go check out the main DreadTober page to see some beautiful & inspiring entries wrap up. Huge thanks to Marc for keeping it all going this year. Happy DreadTober everyone!

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