DreadTober '20 - Week 1

Friday, October 9, 2020


DreadTober week 1 progress update.

I managed to locate all my bits and sprue for the unfinished parts of my 3 Talos and also made sure I had the weapon loadouts needed for play.

Just to make things interesting, I primed 2 of the Talos black and the other 2 with grey seer. I'm curious to see how big a difference it'll be painting them and how noticeable this will be at the end...

Now, for the record, I did start by painting one of the "normal" talos from the original pledge. However, as soon as I had an excuse, such as waiting for the wash to dry, I was all in on reaching to paint that 1st stretch goal! ­čśÄ

I'm still playing around with how best to represent the Chain Flails and Monstrous Cleaver loadout on the flying talos:

But I'm pleased with the progress for week 1. These floating flesh monsters have been long overdue in my backlog, so really happy to see them start to get some color!

I'm already starting to see some really impressive updates from other DreadTober pledges, so keep up the good work! (and if you haven't joined already there's still plenty of time to sign-up). Cheers!

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