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Sunday, March 22, 2020

What a week... today I show you what I worked on to distract from real life.

First I want to briefly mention something Petey Pab, over on FLG's Chapter Tactics podcast, asked the community in an episode a few months ago:
What does this hobby mean to you?
As I thought about the question more and more I realized my answer was not so easy to phrase or put into words. It means a lot more than 'just playing a game', that's for sure.

I continued to think about this question as the holidays wrapped up and we entered 2020. I actually wanted to write a response to Pablo right after the episode aired, but struggled every time I sat to write it; for a couple reasons, but for now I'm only going to get into one of them.

Even if I couldn't describe what it meant just yet, there are plenty of others whose sentiments I can certainly relate to, like this recent article from Tom Chivers; to quote from the article,

"It gives me access to a sort of Zen stillness and flow"
Yes, this.

I've been with this hobby a long time, first discovering it as a 12 year-old kid and here I am turning 35 next week. I've grown up with the hobby and the hobby has grown up with me too. Through it I've met some of my closest friends and have had countless hours of fun playing games or just hanging out and working on models together. It's been there to see me thru some excruciating times as well, and it continues to be something steadfast to turn to when I find myself in a storm.

This storm will pass too.

So this week I let my hobby ADD run wild and it was great. I built some old stuff, then new stuff, then fixed more old stuff (drilling myself in the process haha), then painted and primed a bunch.

mold-line remover holding the tiny contact point down; this thing is so useful!

no pain no gain
what a glorious model!

That's right, my old custom Drazhar is getting a weapons update (but a status downgrade to a Klaivex, only so I can still use him!). Also, here's a shot of the old 25mm base size on top of the new 28.5mm:

I still have to figure out the re-base for this one, but I love that new demi-klaive bit from the new Incubi set.

In addition to the hobbying, it's been awesome playing board games and kicking the soccer ball out back with the kids all week. I've got a bunch more pictures (with actual painting) to post up tomorrow.

Just want to say thanks to Pablo and all the great community leaders we have in this amazing hobby who also are a big reason why I still hobby. Thanks and stay safe everyone!

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