Space Marine Adventures Boardgame

Thursday, March 19, 2020

In these times of social distancing and staying at home, boardgames can offer a much needed respite from all the troubling pandemic news. Here's my quick review of Space Marine Adventures.

OK for starters the above pic is everything you get in the box, which is a good amount for $40 in my opinion. The minis alone are worth that, I think, as they are amazing sculpts. Good value already and that's before you factor in all the hours of fun -- a single game can easily finish under an hour (most of ours were 30-40 mins) but there's 3 levels to play thru and thanks to some solid gameplay mechanics (deck randomizing, drawing tokens from a bag, dice, etc.) have a lot of replay-ability within each level.

Oh yeah, and the Necron blips are exactly the same size as actual Necron minis, so we played with the real deal which was even more fun.

The game itself was pretty quick and easy for my 5 and 8 year old to pick up and grasp as well. And most importantly, we all had a blast playing it!

We enjoyed playing thru the first level a couple times but couldn't wait to try the challenge of adding tougher units to the mix. My son even enjoyed trying out some 1 player (when E and I were tapped out) which is pretty cool when a game can actually pull that off. So yeah, excellent value and fun times -- it has elements that remind of Space Hulk, and with a little house ruling I could see making your own levels, etc.

This game gets a big thumbs up from me. Stay safe and be well everyone!

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