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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I accidentally left my most favorite tool ever, the vice grip, outside and then natural processes ensued.

OK lets get this out of the way, first & foremost... why, you may wonder, is the vice grip my fave? Because it's the MacGyver of all hand tools, that's why!

Fact: MacGyver's hands could transform into vice grips
You can hammer, clamp, twist, pry... fix virtually anything with them really. Seriously, since becoming a home owner, vice grips are the #1 most used tool that have actually helped resolve whatever situation I was in. You wouldn't believe what these things were fixing for me, or how they came to be in the situation where I would forget about them in the first place...

... but anyway, after I realized I had left these things outside, the thought that cheered me up as I took a closer look at the rust was all of Greg's natural weathering pictures he often shares as inspiration when recreating / painting those effects on miniatures. These are just a couple reference shots of some real-life rust that I know will come in handy when I get to painting the Ad Mech kill team.

Thanks Greg!

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