Fembruary 2020 Hobby Challenge

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Here's my entries for Fembruary 2020!

I think I first learned about the Fembruary challenge, oh probably around March 1st of last year, but I had still sorta, kinda, unknowingly participated...

Anyway, I had forgotten about it until seeing my friend's post earlier this month (Thanks Ian!) then immediately started on the 2 models I had ear-marked for this challenge months ago; a Vanguard Pallador-Prime that I head-swapped for one of Neave Blacktalon's:

I'll get better pictures of the rider soon as I've just started her in earnest, but I was too excited to get paint on the Gryph-charger -- which I had been stalled on a color scheme since I saw those beautiful Golden Demon-winning Palladors a few years ago. Maybe it was inspiration from my daughters, as Ellie's favorite color is purple and Daisy's is pink, so I had the Gryph's skin tone selected. Then I happened to be adding some minor details to Elucia, so the colors for the feathers were close at hand.

Next up is Sanistasia Minst, the Elucidian Starstriders' medic / lead medical officer / rejuvenat adept. This one goes with Ellie's Kill Team, which I've fallen behind on but hope to knock them out soon-ish by keeping them all nearby the painting table as quick one-off projects to break up the batch painting sessions.

I started off the month working on this old metal haemonculus, which may also qualify for this annual community challenge:

There's still a week and a half left in the month, plenty of time! What are you working on for #Fembruary2020 ?

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