DreadTober '18 - Update #4

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

DreadTober 2018 comes to an end. Come check out the finalnext round of progress photos ;)

I honestly wasn't expecting to finish finish this Imperial Knight in under a month, more get him to a tabletop quality where I can then take my time on final details or perhaps try some freehand (tho the transfers are really nice). I still have work to do, highlights, hardcoat over decals, etc., but I'm pleased with how far along I got and it's been a fun kit to work on this past month. I enjoyed making the base and still have a couple things to add. Anyway, here's the progress shots.

Update: In my haste to post this before November, I forgot to give a shout out to Dave from Confessions of a 40k addict for inspiring me to rummage through the garage for bits and try some piping on my base, after seeing the excellent work on his base. Thanks, Dave!

My inspiration / guide for the reaper chainsword:

There's a bunch of amazing work over on the DreadTober site you should check out. Happy Halloween!

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