DreadTober '18 - Update #1

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Progress has been slow on the Imperial Knight due to other general life busyness, but finally finished all sub-assembly and the weather finally cooperated enough to spray some primer.

I was surprised to find this old White Dwarf tucked away in my Knight sprue box and really glad I scanned back thru the "Sprues and Glue" article to make this project a little easier to paint.

At this stage, every part is still pose-able as I had to do some research on weapon loadouts -- I don't have the most recent rules for Knights, but I was pretty sure I would want to be able to swap between gun options. I considered magnets, and for future reference if I ever decide to, this size would work quite well:

But then after reading about the various options for outfitting this particular kit, and to make it easier on myself, decided to glue the Reaper Chainsword arm (which later broke off after priming... lol)

The guns pop on nicely from the shield bit, and even stay in place without glue or bluetac.

I was still a little concerned about the humidity /conditions outside, so I sprayed the initial base coat in the back of my garage:

Managed to prime some terrain as well.

Here's the current status:

Now comes the fun part!

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