Saturday, August 25, 2018

Mustering my Kill Team...

... but mostly dusting, lol as some of these models haven't left the shelf in quite some time. I've been trying to learn the game and work on my command roster as much as free time allows, which isn't a whole lot right now as I'm also still working on Blood Bowl models I need for nova less than a week away! The whole family is pretty excited as this will be our last hurrah before school starts back up -- my two older kids had their backpacks packed up days ago, but not for school, no... but with what they are bringing to nova haha! They absolutely cannot wait and are asking me every 5 minutes when we are leaving for the hotel lol, which is awesome don't get me wrong, but daddy's got to finish a few things up before we get there ;)

One of those things is hacking the Hydra gauntlet arm off my custom Culexus assassin for one of my Wych specialists:

I thought I had more of these bits but I can't seem to find them, so the assassin loses the arm -- better yet, I'll turn this back into a Harlequin player and build a Kill team for them next; based on my quick scan thru the various factions in the book, this one seems well suited to the close quarters nature / small board of KT. I've got a couple practice games lined up before the event next Thursday so hopefully I can make the most of those, but I'm honestly just going for a good time and want to know the game well enough for it to be fun for my opponents too.

Some Blood Bowl Elven Union Team progress shots are up next :)

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