NOVA Open 2015!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Wait, that doesn't look like a demi-company...

I had been working on a Raptor's themed Space Marine army for the past month, then in classic indecisive Joe fashion decided to change my mind last night, haha. More than anything, I wanted to push around fully (mostly) painted models all weekend and have a good time. Thus, what you see above was born. If you are at NOVA and see this army and some nerdy guy standing beside it drinking beer, come say hi!

Good luck everyone! I'll leave you with a picture of my Culexus assassin conversion that was also built yesterday and quickly painted this morning:



  1. Army was great Joe! Was good to see you again as well. Shame the narrative/GT cross over prevented us from having some dinner and drinks in the evening!

    1. Thanks Greg, your army looked fantastic! It was great seeing you again as well and I agree, I wish the schedules allowed for more hang out time but I understand it's a challenge with so many games & events. I'd honestly be in favor of Nova becoming a week long convention with even fewer games each day (same # of games overall, just spread over the week) and a hard cutoff time for all games in the evening so everyone gets a chance to socialize at night. It's honestly my favorite part about Nova / large conventions anyway. We should definitely get together for some games once we've recovered from the post-con exhaustion! ;)

    2. Definitely buddy! Met a lot of local guys, including Dan the tank man, who I had my best game ever with! I'm hoping they move narrative to 2 games during the day next year, so we can have evening socializing time!