NOVA Open 2015 Photo Dump

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Man, NOVA was awesome! I mean, it's always been awesome but this year was just a whole new level of awesome. I was able to catch up with some old friends and meet a whole lot of new ones, have drinks and talk shop with the one and only Natfka, hung out with one of the creators of Dropzone Commander (almost every night haha), rocked out with Mike Brandt in the charity lounge, fought off food poisoning with Lagavulin 16, and just had a kick ass time in general!

My kids loved it too!

I'll get into the details of my games and such in later posts, but I wanted to get some pictures posted up before we get too far away from the event. By now, the Internet should know that no one covers an event better than my buddy Greg from Feed Your Nerd, but if you've been living under a rock for the past week and somehow stumbled here first you should definitely head over to Greg's photo post(s)! Bring on the pics :)

Truly amazing!
I've got several more from at least half of my games but I'll save those for the more in depth recap. Here's some shots of my army that I decided to play the night before heading to NOVA, haha.

Here's my awesome new F.A.T. mat for the man cave! Time to make the home game a more regular thing.

Already can't wait till the next NOVA! Cheers!


  1. I can't wait either, I'm definitely going to try to make it next year, it's crazy to think Henry will be a two year old next year

  2. Woo! Awesome Joe. We have got to get a game on soon! Was great seeing you as always! I hope narrative is during the day next year so I can hang out with everyone in the evening!