White Dwarf Reboot

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The new (old) White Dwarf monthly magazine is back!

This is somewhat older news now but if your September White Dwarf issue got held up like mine did by USPS then you may still find this interesting. Yes, I eagerly checked the mail every day for my copy only to be disappointed until I reached out to GW customer service, who more than made up for the delay -- I have to say every time I've dealt with their customer service they have been top notch! Anyway, I'm happy to report that even with the extra wait time the new monthly White Dwarf magazine was totally worth the wait. I first started reading WD back in the late 90's and my expectations for this reboot were based on the content they had back in the day, and GW hit this one out of the park! It basically is the old format that I grew up with. I much prefer the monthly installment over the weekly as the longer cycle allows for more depth and quality of content in each issue, and it's immediately apparent in this first installment. I love that I have this to look forward to each month delivered to my door and I hope GW can maintain this level of quality. The bar has been set and I can't wait for the next one.

GW has been killing it recently -- community engagement, GT prize support, FAQs, return to specialist games, and now restoring White Dwarf to its former glory... All great moves if you ask me. Keep it up GW!

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