Dark Eldar Wyches

Monday, August 26, 2013

Wych squad is just about ready to join my other troops in their foam tray. I still have some highlights and cleanup to do but given the short amount of time I have before NOVA, nothing is going to be perfect. I do like this general color scheme and the pale skin and red hair really make these Wyches stand out from the Warriors.

With these gals nearing completion, the Troop section of my 1850 list is good to go. You can see the Scourges, well in this case Swooping Hawks, in the background. I struggled with how to paint their wings so I settled on a darker, more natural look as to not draw too much attention to them. Scourge wings are certainly larger than their Eldar counterparts, but I've made it pretty easy to spot which units belong to the Eldar allied detachment in my army -- they all have red armor with white heads.

I still have to finish up the HQs, Incubi, Beastmasters, and the skimmers. Getting close now!

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