Warhammer Quest on iOS

Thursday, May 23, 2013

On May 30th, Warhammer Quest will be released for iOS! Details here. Original source and video of the gameplay can be found here.

This is a nice surprise. I absolutely love the old boardgame and hope the iOS version will do the game justice. I wonder what other GW games are being worked on for other platforms...

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  1. The same developer, Rodeo Games, also has a series of games that are not unlike infinity or special operations killzone (or necromunda I guess), which take the same top down view, and allow you to equip marines in either light, moderate, or heavy powered armor (that kinda looks like scout/power/terminator armor), give them hammers and swords, and miniguns and rocket launchers etc. And you fight other marines or bugs. Hunters and Hunters II, both are pretty good although II is better.