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Friday, May 31, 2013

The wait is almost over! I plan on picking up the new Eldar codex first thing tomorrow and spending a good part of the weekend going through it. Like everyone else, I'll probably do some write ups on what I find interesting and all that jazz. My initial focus will be evaluating what this new book can do for my Dark Eldar and Marine armies. I'd like to nail down a couple 1850 point lists so I can plan out what all I need to get done between now and the end of August. It should be a fun ride :)

I've read pretty much all the rumors and to be honest I'm trying not to think about them. It's not that they  are overly good or bad (seems like a little bit of both) but it's just not a complete picture without all the points for upgrades / wargear or clear definitions for their unique special rules and how they will interact with allies, etc. This will all be laid to rest soon.

On the hobby front, I've been slowly making progress adding more to my Dark Eldar ranks -- another 10 man Warrior squad, a second Venom, and a few more Beasts. I also wanted to get out in front of any potential price hikes (since it's that time of year) and turned to ebay in search of a few more kits to help fill out my DE options. While searching for more metal Incubi (still trying to avoid Finecast if at all possible), I came across a really sweet deal and managed to pickup 5 more in a bundle with the following, all new in box: 10 Warriors, 2 boxes of Reavers, another Venom, and the cherry on top... an original, out of print Webway Portal!

All in all, this was the perfect bundle to expand on my current units. I now have access to 3 Venoms (and 3 Raiders) so I'm good on transports; 10 Incubi; 15 Reaver Jetbikes (I might take a handful of these and paint them up as Eldar since they unfortunately didn't get new sculpts); 40 Warriors, which is a great number to have not just for the bodies but also those special/heavy weapons to funnel into Trueborn squads as needed. And then of course, the WWP. The first thing I did after opening the box was compared it to my alternative WWP pieces, and while very close to the original size, it was interesting to find that the regulation portal was just slightly wider and taller than my other stand-in's. Either way, it's nice to have an official one in case I ever end up taking one of these to a tournament to avoid any concerns over the size, LOS, and cover these things can provide.

Also, I did pick up the latest incarnation of Warhammer Quest last night and have been enjoying that. My only complaint so far is the in-game purchases they push on you, but other than that the game play is very solid and everything runs smooth and looks great!

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