Another Year Another Move

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Without fail, every year for the past decade we've found ourselves embarking on yet another move. Usually just across town, but it's still a pain and one of my least favorite activities ever. In the midst of the blood, sweat, and tears I promise myself I wont be doing this again next year; but somehow over the course of a year, enough reasons add up (loud neighbors, cheaper rent, shorter commutes, etc) and we find ourselves boxing everything up again. Luckily, this most recent move is now complete. There's still some unboxing to do, mostly hobby stuff, but things are coming along nicely and I'm really liking the new place.

Obviously I haven't had much time for anything else lately but I hoping to get back to my hobby projects soon as well as playing more 6th edition. The new place is much closer to some gaming venues so I should be able to fit more games in than before. At this point, I've only managed to play 2 games under the new ruleset. Both have been with my Necrons and while they've been a fairly easy army to ease into the new rules with, I find myself missing the mobility of my bike list. I still intend to finish painting up the robots and their display board but for my next game I'm going to bust out the bike army along with my new Storm Talon flyer. Till next time, enjoy the 6th edition shake up!


  1. Going to Nova this year? If so, I challenge you to a rematch sir! :D

    1. Unfortunately, some things have come up and I wont be able to attend this year :(

      I'll have to rain check our rematch for now, but we'll get it in at some point ;)
      I know you don't live around this area but if by chance you'll be around for the Battle at Blob's Park (end of September) I'll definitely be going to that again!

    2. Sad face! I suppose it can't be helped. I'm going to hold you to that rain check sir. ;)