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Friday, July 13, 2012

Ok, so I know I've whined about this twice already and I should really move on, but I do have some, at least somewhat, legitimate questions about the DE FAQ. I promise, this will be the last time I complain about the things that are crystal clear rules-wise that I'm just unhappy about (like Webways, assaulting from reserve/outflank/infiltrate; Flyers losing Aerial Assault even though they kept it on the already auto-include Heavy Support choice in the book; power weapons, etc). I guess I just feel like the FAQ could have been so much more helpful. We didn't need all the rewording changes for "beginning of each combat" to "beginning of each fight sub-phase"blah blah... I don't think that was confusing to anyone, and they could have spent that effort on addressing real questions and clarifications. Here's a few that I've tossed around or have seen others bring up:

- Does Lady Malys' Crystal Heart rule make her and her unit immune to all psychic effects, including being attacked by enemies which have been buffed by a psychic ability (either in close combat, or a Guided shooting attack, etc.)

- Murderous Assault... If the Klaivex is granted 'Preferred Enemy' against a nominated enemy Independent Character, doesn't that mean the entire squad gets it when striking the marked IC? The FAQ even talks about this rule, only it rewrites the most pointless sentence of the rule and ignores the truly confusing aspect; does everyone get it now that preferred enemy is triggered by a single model in the unit having it or is it an exception to the rule, since you know, those Incubi are getting a little OP in 6th edition ;-)

- Do Warriors shooting overwatch while embarked on a Raider equipped with Splinter Racks get to re-roll misses? (I'm thinking they do)

- Are there any restrictions as to which models can start the game embarked on the Dais of Destruction (outside of the normal ones like Grots taking up 2 spots). For example, can Vect join 9 Harlequins and have them start embarked on the Dais?

- Remember when the codex first came out and there was a lot of discussion around the minimum required composition of an Archon's Court? Yes, I know the book lists each type as 1-x and therefore you need to take at least one of each (some army books have 0-x, like Necron courts, making those selections optional). The example given under the 'Multiple Toughness Values' on pg. 25 of the new rule book just reminded me of all of that and how cool it would be if we could just load up on Sslyths and Ur-Ghuls. I'm sure this example was just for arguments sake and not actually suggesting that it is legal to only select 2 of the 4 Court types, I just found it interesting they went with that particular example.

Any other pressing rules questions or scenarios you'd like GW to address in the next version of the DE FAQ for 6th edition? How about any wishlisting, like if they explicitly said Dark Eldar are considered 'Eldar' when Allied together and therefore can benefit from Codex:Eldar psychic powers... wouldn't that be fun!

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