Which Land Raider Variant?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I've been holding off on making a Land Raider purchase because I wasn't sure which variant to get. Initially, the Redeemer seemed like a pretty good deal since it was 10 pts cheaper than the others and had those sweet AP3 flame cannons. But I guess it ultimately comes down to how you intend on using it.

I see myself fielding one primarily to transport assault terminators, and if I'm already going to splurge on a unit like this, I might as well go all out and take as big a squad as I can fit. The redeemer and original LR models can only transport 12 (or 6 terminators), while the crusader can carry 16 (or 8 terminators). This alone doesn't seem like a huge difference, but the extra capacity of the crusader is nice.

I can see myself including the extra multi-melta since it's only 10 pts. Which brings us to the next big difference amongst the 3 types; Power of the Machine Spirit. All 3 get PotMS, but when you think about it, only 1 version is getting to use that to its full potential when moving at combat speed. The crusader variant is the only one that can move 6" and fire all it's main guns then use PotMS to fire that extra MM, which could be used on a completely different target if need be. The hurricane bolters are a low enough strength to count as defensive weapons, so they can fire normally up to combat speeds without needing to use the special power on the sponson guns. That plus the extra transport capacity seals the deal for me. I think this will be my next (and potentially last) model for my marines, at least for a while. I've located the parts for the 8 assault terminators that will be riding inside, and will try to knock those out next. After that, it's back to Dark Eldar (which I'm still working on paint schemes for).


  1. Im considering a Crusader as well. It can throw down a torrent of anti-infantry fire. My only issue is with Grey Knights I would like to give it psybolt ammo, but find that to be rather restrictive with so many defensive weapon shots.

  2. In my 2000 point list I have Lysander, Termie Librarian and 5 Assault Terminators in a Land Raider Crusader. Lots of killy!

  3. They absolutely can lay down a ton of shots which I think goes well w/ assault termies since they lack shooting attacks. Also, the twin-linked bolters on my bike squads have made me a believer in that weapon. 6 of those... yes please!

  4. Keep in mind that both crusader and redeemer variants come in the same box. Get some magnets and you'll be able to switch in between both types!

  5. That's an excellent point, Alex! I'll be sure to include magnets during the assembly process.

  6. The basic ("Godhammer") LR really isn't worth considering. Its loadout is very trashy.

    The Redeemer is pretty decent thanks to the TLAC as a mainline weapon and Flamestorms being pretty brutal for the sponsons. However, it has some problems: for one, you'll never get to fire both sponsons at the same target. For two, if Immobilized or forced to stay in one spot for whatever reason, its firepower is largely crippled. The extra transport capacity is decent, but honestly 12 models of space is more than enough, since it lets you bring 5 Termies + TDA character or two PA characters.

    The Crusader is kinda the variant of choice- it can fire everything and move 6" (TLAC as its one gun, Hurricanes as defensive, MM through PotMS) and has significant and reliable anti-infantry firepower out to 24" while also threatening tanks with its two centerline guns. Although slightly more expensive than the Redeemer, the price is usually worth it.

    Regardless of variant, the bolt-on Multimelta and Extra Armor are basically required.

  7. Its a little sad you don't get free upgrades on your LRC (i.e. Black Templars and the built in extra armor/MM), as the vehicle really is quite fun to use. :)

    Of the variants, you made the correct decision imo.