Saturday, October 8, 2011

There's a couple different meanings for the title of this post. One is that my first child is now only a couple weeks away from his due date, and I have a feeling he may be arriving before then :)

The second is that I've got some more Dark Eldar on the way, enough to bring that army up to 1500 pts or so once I get it all built. I've also got a Land Raider Crusader in the mail; thanks for all the comments on that by the way. I definitely feel the Crusader is the right variant for my particular army and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

I still have the last 2 rounds from Blob's to write up, but things have been pretty busy around here getting everything ready for the baby. It's been really good though. Finally have the place organized and part of that was going through all my 40k/hobby stuff. I've consolidated everything onto 2 shelves and 2 big storage containers which should make it easier to find the bits I'm looking for. It feels good to de-clutter!

I should be back to hobby stuff soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share these last few photos I took from Blob's the other weekend (that were not from my last 2 games). This is a spectacularly painted Imperial Fists army that caught my attention during the second round, and I was very happy to get some close ups of it! Check it out:


  1. I've had moments where I really wish I did Imperial Fists instead of Crimson Fists. Seeing this army at Blobs was one of those moments.

    Congrats again on the baby. Have you two decided on a name yet?

  2. Thanks, Alex! I think we've got the name locked down, but we're waiting to make it official when he arrives :)

    And hey, your Crimson Fists look awesome and are coming up next by the way! ;)