Terminator Librarian

Friday, January 7, 2011

I was able to get more work done on this Terminator Librarian that I started to re-paint (again) the other day. There's some more details to go over, but this model is becoming more and more difficult as I go over the small details -- this is one of my oldest models and has seen a few paint schemes, so it has lost some of that detail due to the amount of paint on the model (I wasn't very good at stripping paint off when I was younger). You'll also notice the older, smaller base from before models equipped in terminator armour were required to go on the larger bases:

I'll hopefully have this guy re-based this weekend. Still deciding exactly how I want to do it -- in general, this model feels smaller in stature compared to the newer, slightly larger plastic terminator models. Aside from the flagpole, not much is helping this HQ choice stand out amongst his fellow tactical dreadnought armour-clad brethren. I'm going to try to make the model seem a bit larger; we'll see how it goes!

Here's some more close up shots till next time...

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