Librarian Re-basing

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I finally finished re-basing the Terminator Librarian. Here's a quick shot I took with my phone:

When I get some better lighting I'll post some more pictures here. Getting closer to calling it a wrap on this one. Since I've been working on all these terminators lately, I decided I should go ahead and finish the remaining 5 terminators I have from an Assault on Black Reach (AoBR) box (also have Space Hulk models to do at some point). This works out perfectly since I recently inherited (thanks Matt!) plastic sprues of 5x twin lightning claws and 5x thunder hammers + storm shields. I also recently came across this amazing model over at ForgeWorld:

I really want to order one of these around my birthday. If I do, I'm thinking I might build a special backing unit, with models also equipped with a thunder hammer + storm shield. Captain Shrike can join his Wing, who also wield mighty lightning claws; so why shouldn't Captain Korvydae get similar treatment? If I put the thunder hammer + storm shields on vanguard models w/ jump packs that leaves the sets of lightning claws to go on the remaining terminators. This should make for some fun projects ahead!

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