NOVA Charity BBQ 2015 - Photo Dump

Monday, July 20, 2015

It was another awesome NOVA Charity BBQ event! We battled through an early downpour of rain at the start of round 1, endured the sweltering humidity and 100 degree heat index that followed, all for a great cause! (breast cancer research)

So about a week out from the event I decided to shelve my Dark Eldar and play something a little less fragile, a Clan Raukaan Gladius Strike Force. It's not a totally optimized list as I could only draw from what I had on hand, but that much Ob Sec (not to mention the Apocalyptic Blast lol) is no joke! I'll save the list analysis for another post as I mainly wanted to post up pictures from the event, but suffice to say it was fun to play. On to the photos!

First up, we have none other than Greg's awesome Ork Walker list, truly a sight to behold marching across the table!

I played against this round 3

Some shots from my first game against a full Battle Company:

Round 2 against Nids. Definitely the most fun and close tactical game of the day -- came down to 2 final assaults on turn 5!

Then the final round against this beautiful but punishing Ultramarines list:

As the day went on, I drank more, made a few more mistakes, and didn't take as many pictures haha. I seriously flubbed deployment in the last game and my opponent wisely made me pay for it with an epic tabling! You win some you lose some ;)

All in all, it was a fantastic day of 40k. It was great meeting some new people and seeing some old familiar faces! Can't wait to do it again and I'll hopefully get to see everyone at NOVA in September. Cheers!