NOVA 2013 - Photo Dump

Monday, September 2, 2013

It was another awesome NOVA, bigger and better than the last! I'm still recovering from the weekend, and anyone else who remembers this view on Friday night will know what I'm talking about...

I'll post up my thoughts on each matchup, my list, and some general thoughts later. For now, I wanted to quickly post up some pictures from walking around the game hall. There were some incredibly epic armies & display boards in attendance, and getting to see first hand all the talent that comes to this event is one of my favorite activities. My camera phone doesn't begin to do these armies justice but you'll get the idea. Enjoy!

And this was my army; I didn't get everything finished (flying bases, and a bunch of small details) but I was still happy with amount of progress made over the last couple of months. Now I can take my time and finish things off at a less rigorous pace.