Centurion Deathstar List

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I still have a bunch of stuff to cover in regards to the NOVA Open, but in light of the new Space Marine release I figured I would quickly throw this one out there since the new codex dropped right as I was having this post-event thought -- playing large model count / horde style lists at a large event is tedious.

The funny thing is my Dark Eldar were pretty meched up and no where near the size of a true horde army, but it was still twice the size of my other armies in terms of models and quite frankly it was tiresome to move them around, in and out of transports, on and off the display board to game table etc etc. I really enjoyed the DE list I played at the Open and am glad I brought that army, but I'll go ahead and say it now, next time I'm taking a smaller, easier to transport / carry, elite army. I want something that doesn't have a bunch of complicated close combat units that can drag out the assault phase or so many models that it takes 10 minutes to move everything. I want to be able to finish my games in a timely manner and have more downtime to enjoy myself at an event like NOVA.

So with that in mind and looking at the new SM codex, here's the first ridiculous point-sink army I've come up with (and FYI, it's pretty lolz worthly):

Khan w/ Moondrakkan

5x Centurion Devastators w/ 5x MLs; 5x Grav-cannons + amps; Omniscope
Land Raider Crusader w/ MM; EA

6x 5-man Bike squads w/ 2x Grav-guns

There's still some points left over if you're going for 1850pts, so you can sprinkle in Attack Bikes or Sgt. upgrades etc, but you get the idea. Tigurius joins the Centurions in the LRC to scout move into position to start unleashing those 25 Grav shots asap. You hope Tiggy rolls up Forewarning for the 4++, Perfect Timing for the Ignores Cover, and of course Prescience and all the sudden 25 re-rolling to hit, re-rolling to wound, ignores cover grav shots can handle just about anything. And don't forget those Missiles, and Split Fire... Haha, what a crazy unit. Oh yeah, you can have all of that for the small price of 905 pts! This isn't even the most expensive unit you can do and if you really wanted to turn the centurion power up to max, take them under Imperial Fist chapter tactics to get them Tank Hunters on top of everything else (but no one is going to be more reliable rolling for those specific powers than Tigurius).

Anyone else have any crazy list ideas bouncing around with the new Marines?


  1. To use the chief librarian uou need to add him as an allied hq. With no more mix and match special characters your going to need to buy an ultramarines troop choice as well.

    1. Convert one of the bike squads to smurf tacsquad and see what points you have left.

    2. You're right, totally forgot about that. That also means he couldn't ride in a transport purchased by the other detachment; but no worries, I can always purchase the Centurions & LRC under the Ultramarines. It would lose Scout this way or you could go with a generic librarian. There's easily enough points left over in the list above to add a Scout or Tac squad to satisfy the ally requirements.

  2. Joe....this is a bittersweet post from you...mostly bitter. :)
    I love your reurn to bikes and Khan is calling my name as well. Aside from his/their awesome special rules...bikes are also perfect low model-count army.

    That other part? many points for so few wounds.


    1. Nah, I'm not really bitter, more just coming to terms with how long 6th edition games actually take to play (especially high model, complicated assault armies in 2 and a half hour rounds!). Some of my lists are just going to be better suited for the more casual home game.

      And the centurion list is more of an exercise in ridiculousness. I agree that they are hard to justify (both dollar and point wise). But yes, SO happy about the update to marine bikes! I was hoping they would get a boost in the new codex, especially after the treatment the Eldar Jetbikes received ;)