Kroxigor Star Player

Friday, February 17, 2023


Started working on this Kroxigor mini during the super bowl last weekend.
I haven't settled on the colors for the feathers on the helmet, as this isn't currently doing it for me:

Although, I'm a big fan of the scale/skin color, which was accomplished with one coat of Army Painter Speed Paint Absolution Green over a zenithal prime. Really great color tone and coverage with this paint. It was so enjoyable to use that I'm going to prioritize the rest of the Lizardmen Blood Bowl team over the Snotlings team.

The old metal buggers are really small and I'm waiting on more bases before I can finalize how I want that team to look... some really great vintage mini's to work with, so I'm looking forward to working on them too. My neighbor kindly printed the amazing blood bowl minis on his sweet resin printer as a gift, and they should paint up quickly using the same zenithal > Absolution recipe.

Getting close, just need to re-work the feathers and a couple other small details. Cheers!

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