DreadTober: Week 4

Tuesday, November 1, 2022


DreadTober 2022 wraps up! I didn't quite finish everything I was working on, but I did get a good start on 2 bonus baddies: Morvenn Vahl and a second Mortifier ­čĺÇ

First off, apologies to Marc for being late with this post; I really appreciate all the time & effort Marc continues to put in to keep this great community hobby challenge going! Thanks Marc!

I didn't quite finish within October, but I'm going to press on as the end is in sight. Each of my kids participated in their own way as well, with Ellie building & painting 2 Paragon Warsuits, Daisy painting a handful of zombies with me, and Gabe building his first big flyer kit, the Heldrake:

As a Dark Eldar player, the Heldrake fills me with dread, as does Morvenn haha.

Another awesome year and great diversity of entries from fellow dreadtober-teers! Cheers!

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