Saturday, October 8, 2022


Mixtape Massacre: Slasher Mini Pack. There's zombie-like things in there...

Mini's make everything better! You can now upgrade your 2D character game pieces to these highly detailed plastic models for your favorite horror/slasher board game. It's been awhile since I've talked about this one, but Goonhammer did a really nice review of this board game a couple years back you should absolutely check out here.

I tried out a new primer for the more zombie-like mini's, Army Painter's Necrotic Flesh which covered great. There's a wash-like coating on the minis out of the box so you'll definitely want to prime them to make sure your paints adhere to the surface.

Really impressed with the details on these sculpts! It's hard to tell from these shots but the minis are quite a bit smaller scale (compared to 40k & AoS for sure) in order for the bases to fit on the grid style game board. I had an unfortunate issue with my phone come up and I lost a bunch of the actual painting pictures... well I can get them back but I've been lazy... I'll get to them OK! Here's the only one I have at the moment:

Sorry, Portrait mode is a total tease, but I'll get on the recovery process soon and follow up with a proper review post for these awesome minis. I still have to finish up a few of them, but I've really enjoyed working on them so far and they've definitely stretched my painting abilities. I'll dive into all of that on the next one tho, cheers!

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