+100 Minis

Saturday, May 7, 2022


Hoards of Chaos Cultists and Imperial Guard (Traitor Guard?!?) appear from the warp...

Just before spring break vacation, I was really lucky with my silent auction bids and ended up winning both lots (60+ cultists, 45+ infantry guard plus more bits & sprue). Huge congrats to the Tournament Organizer who raised well over $10,000 in the Battle to end Alzheimer's disease -- and ran an incredible event with amazing turnout for this being their first organized event!!

Some awesome metal minis in here with all the nostalgia feels ­čśë

So the backlog just got bigger, but hey more than half are already painted decently and this was all for a great cause. Looking forward to trying out some new lists with these guys and Gabe can slot the cultists in right away with his Black Legion. Good times!

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