Sum Up Sunday

Sunday, March 13, 2022


A summary of what I painted & 3d printed this week. Also, where I hiked and a glimpse of Maryland in March.

I've got the full hobby assembly-line out now for the Raptors; everything from updating the base sizes of my Tacticals, applying my special gritty/messy base mixture... to sealing decals and all the painting steps in between.

I need to apply a second coat of matte mod podge to seal up those edges on the Eradicators. For any 'bubbles' or areas that refuse to smooth out, you could take a hobby drill or knife directly to the problem spot and hide it away with weathering -- my attempt to do this with bullet holes on the Intercessor in the 1st image.

I've now corrected all failed 3d prints and still having a blast with the Ender 3.

3d printed pannier hooks work with standard bike accessory eyelets ­čĹŹ

If hobbies and unlimited home hardware aren't enough justification for a 3d printer... well if you're into biking, then you know the price of anything even remotely related to bikes are at historic highs. Being able to print your own bike accessories that perfectly fit and attach to modern bike mounts & racks (and whatever color you want) is another great use for FDM 3d printers.

Chaos Warmaster army complete!

Now, onto some hiking from earlier in the week:

Raven Rock cliff

Friday it was 61 degrees and felt like summer. Yesterday we woke up to this:

Gotta love Maryland in March. Cheers!

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