Hobby Hack: Ice Magic

Saturday, March 6, 2021


Here's a super easy method to add realistic looking ice or water effects to your minis 🧊

I last wrote on this subject a couple years ago when I first tried to add realistic ice effects to the base of my wife's D&D model, but this time I was going for more of an ice shield / defensive wall effect for Rasputina. Full disclosure, I'm not all that familiar with Malifaux or the back story around the Cult of December, but I do remember from the ~3ish games I played back in 2nd(?) edition that Rasputina could create massive ice walls, making her own line-of-sight blocking terrain to protect her & crew, which still seems pretty cool & powerful magic, and I hope it's something still represented in the latest ruleset for Malifaux but regardless, this Water Effects product by Woodland Scenics was the perfect material for this job.

All I did was follow the simple instructions on the bottle under the model a waterfall section:
  • Apply onto non-stick/wax/freezer paper in the shape you want the ice to be (I used an old paint brush & toothpick to smear the product around going for a smooth, natural wavy look)
  • Let dry until the white elmer's glue-like substance dries clear. I waited almost a full 24 hours before carefully peeling the ice from the wax paper using tweezers. The ice was still malleable at this point, so you can easily bend & fold it into whatever you want. A couple drops from the bottle to act as an adhesive, in this case on the palms of the hands, then that's it!

I tried to explain to my girls that this was, in fact, NOT Elsa... but they weren't buying it, lol.


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