Raptors Brother Feurranator

Saturday, January 30, 2021


First model of the year -- a special Terminator Hero for my Raptors army.

If this guy looks familiar, it's because it was also the first model I worked on last year, which is what it looked like the rest of the year until yesterday.

I might pick out a couple more minor details to hit before I clean this up with black around the rim, but it's mostly in line with the rest of my Raptors army. I'm super happy with how he's turning out considering it was one evening of work while watching the excellent Las Vegas Nopen streams!

Also while super late to the game, just wanted to give a shout out to Ann and Dave who are both sponsoring a "First of the Year" community painting challenge; you've still got a day and a half to get in on it! What are you working on first this year? Cheers everyone!

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