DreadTober 2020 Stretch Goal #2

Sunday, November 1, 2020


Here is my DreadTober stretch goal #2 -- the Wraithknight that failed to materialize last year.

Turns out I was able to put some work into it last year but never got around to finishing or posting about it. I couldn't decide on a paint scheme, so one day while playing with shades of grey on my wet palette I just started to put paint on it. I knew I wanted the armor to be mostly muted and the gemstones to be shiny in comparison.

So this is how far along I got. I have some ideas that will hopefully jazz it up a bit and make it less 50 shades of grey bland. It didn't fit so well in the lightbox (and I'll work on making improvements to this in the future) but as promised, here's the current state:

I don't hate the direction I was headed in but I haven't settled on a gold shade and I need to think up something cool for the base. I think I can get this one finished up by the end of the year if I keep it nearby and just keep working on it. So there you have it, hopefully I can redeem this big guy by finishing him up in the next couple months. Cheers everyone!

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