March Madness

Friday, March 16, 2018

Busy busy busy... March is flying by. I keep thinking I'll get a moment to post some progress shots or something, but life is full of distractions (Vermintide 2, anyone?)

Let's face it, sometimes it's hard to focus. A new game comes out, GW announces a ton of cool stuff, or sometimes just a picture will send you down a rabbit hole...

What were we talking about again?

So yeah, this will be one of my random, catch-all, musing type of posts. But maybe once I get this out of my system there will be a little more planning and structure moving forward. Riiiiight

To kick things off, I did pick up Vermintide 2. Three of my friends picked it up at launch, but four is the magic group number for co-op. I hadn't played the first one, as I've only recently gotten a PC that is capable of playing video games from the last decade, but I was excited to try out a brand new game and turn everything up to max. The game itself is brutal but a lot of fun when playing with friends. I've heard a lot of comparisons to Left 4 Dead but with Skaven -- haven't played L4D yet either but I interpret this as a good thing since that game got rave reviews. I found VT2 to be immersive and it'll definitely get your heart rate up! Give it a try, just don't neglect your actual hobby projects for too long ;)

I'm sure this isn't news to anyone who follows this blog, but I'm going to highlight it anyway as it's easily my favorite thing on the internet from this year. It's a story of poetic justice, sportsmanship, and one that will restore your faith in humanity (even if just a little bit). Alex was a pillar of this community before the events of LVO '18, but seeing how he handles himself in such a high-stakes situation and his generous actions that followed, made me feel proud to be a member of this community. So thank you, Alex, for being an awesome human being first and foremost, and being an example of the type of player we should all aspire to be.

Since we're on the subject of large scale events, NOVA Open 2018 registration began this month!

I had my internet ninja suit on when this opened up and got lucky snagging one of the coveted SuperNOVA packages! My collection has grown a little since 2013, my first SuperNOVA year where I got the excellent KR Backpacker case (which is still my go-to bag to this day), and now I'm looking forward to expanding my transport options with the Kaiser 2 case from KR.

I haven't yet decided on which events I'll be participating in, but I need to make some decisions soon as a lot of stuff is selling out faster than ever. I'm leaning toward Blood Bowl again which fits nicely in the schedule, but still debating what other games I want to play this year. I'm still really enjoying Age of Sigmar so that's a consideration. I've also recently gotten into Shadespire -- built my 3rd warband this week, which I'll cover in another post, but also considering this. But the biggest reason I haven't been able to decide is...

That's right folks, the Dark Eldar are next to get an 8th edition codex. While I haven't actually played a game of 40k in about 2 years (don't judge me, I have small kids haha), I am still a 40k player through and through. And the Dark Eldar / Drukhari are still my absolute favorite army. A part of me has to see what this new book brings to the dark kin before committing to my NOVA schedule. If rumors are to be believed, we only have a few more weeks until this codex drops. I am, of course, excited about this release and hope it draws me back in to 40k with a vengeance. But... I'm also tempering my expectations a bit -- I don't believe we are getting any new models, and as much as I (and every other DE player on the planet) wishes they would give us back our HQ section from 5th edition, we all know by now that no official model from GW = no entry in the updated codex. Regardless of how they play, I have quite a few unfinished DE projects that deserve attention so either way expect to see them on my painting table soon, and hopefully the tabletop as well!

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