Heavy Hitters

Friday, October 13, 2017

Here's a little of what I've been working on recently.

My enthusiasm for Blood Bowl is still going strong. In fact, ever since NOVA, I feel like I should be playing at least one game of Blood Bowl every night before bed (that's normal, right??). Wouldn't be a bad way to unwind from the daily grind, working out all your frustrations on the pitch haha.

Anyway, I started painting the Ogre in the colors of my human team.

I really like this model and looking forward to seeing what he can do for my human roster.

I couldn't let the humans be the only team getting a big guy. And this Troll is even bigger! I love this sculpt and can't wait to try chucking some goblins on the field.

I still have to go back and finish the details on my human and dwarf teams, but I'm super stoked to get the orc team together. I didn't see anyone playing them at NOVA, and honestly they are one of the most diverse and flexible teams to draw from in terms of roster building -- up to 4 blitzers, 4 goblins, black orcs, the troll... there's just so many fun combinations to try out, and I think they can field a fairly competitive team. I still need to pick up the goblins, but can't wait to start playing with Orcs and learning what they can do. I also added some paint to the orc blitzers; tried stippling the white on their face-masks for a dirty, menacing look:

Shifting gears & games...

the heavy hitters
Not really sure why (maybe just to paint something blue?) but I started painting this Ice Golem. I've had this Malifaux Cult of December crew just sitting around for ages with only white primer on them. I haven't done anything with Malifaux and I'm a whole edition behind on the rules, but I'd still like to try it if I can find people locally who want to play.

I still have a gloss glaze to apply to really ice things up, then will add a little snow to ease the transition where the model and base meet. The Cult crew models are pretty cool and I'll probably throw them in from time to time as a nice break from my other projects. Till next time!

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