2015, Necrons, and Harlequins!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Almost a month in to 2015 already, time sure does fly. We've got 2 updates right around the corner, both are factions I collect / play and am looking forward to adding to each army. I've also got some additional goals I want to lay out for the new year.


The new Necrons are already up for pre-order at GW.

I've been waiting on this update to finally add to my relatively small Necron army. I have a feeling there are some big changes and an overall toning down of some key Necron abilities. I'm not trying to collect as many robots as my primary armies so I want to invest in units I intend to use often in my lists. I definitely need to add some transports and could use some reinforcements in the infantry department. We'll see how the army makes out when the book drops next week, but I expect at least a little Necron activity in the near future.


Closely following the Necron reboot are the Harlequins! I've always been a fan of Harlequins and I'm really glad they didn't wait too long to release their new rules after recently removing them from the new Dark Eldar codex (they did leave a placeholder).

My buddy scored some awesome loot over the holidays, 2 boxes full of '80's - Rogue Trader era miniatures. Among the treasure trove were these original harlequin models:

Awesome models with a fitting paint scheme for that era! There were all sorts of Oldhammer goodies in those boxes so hopefully when I get some extra time I can share some more nerd relics from the past :)

Anyway, the leak of the new models just dropped while I was typing this, and they do look amazing!! I can't wait to add some of these to my collection!


I can't believe it's the end of January already. Life is busier than ever, but I do expect things to normalize eventually and I'll be able to carve out some more regular time for hobbying/gaming again soon. When I do, there's a few projects I've had lying around for far too long that deserve some attention. Here's the short list (so far) of what I'd like to focus on this year:
  • Dreadfleet - The models are gorgeous, so much so that when painted well, could make up for any shortcomings in gameplay. Several friends have also expressed interest in this game so I have to make it happen. Who knows, maybe Dreadfleet will turn out to be a gateway drug to 40k...
  • Game table / terrain - I have a basement for these things, I just need to finish building & painting them. I already have a head start on the actual table and I've been hoarding terrain pieces for years (much to my wife's chagrin, haha). Just need to dedicate a few days to this and I should have enough for a couple table configurations.
  • Painting - I really need to get back into painting. I've mostly been assembling models when I get any free time, and I can't remember the last time I sat down to paint. Honestly, all of my armies need finishing so I'll probably bounce around a bit until I get my groove back. Maybe the Necrons or Harlequins will get me back into gear...
  • Mini Photos - I want to take better pictures of my models, well preferably after I get better at painting. I read this excellent tutorial on miniature photography over on Tale of Painters, and only following some of the suggestions (not even all of them!) I was able to see an improvement in the photos:
Remember this guy?

Thanks, Krisken!
The lighting could definitely be better; this is just the natural light coming into the room, so I need to try this with some additional overhead lights. I also need to try that handy white balance trick. But I was able to get all of the model in focus and I'm really happy with how accurate the colors came through with these settings. It's something I hope to improve on and hopefully that will help me improve my painting as well.

So those are the big goals I'd like to tackle in 2015. I feel like I'm already a month behind, but lets see how far I can get with each!


  1. Taking photos of the mini's properly is so important. You spend so much time on them...and my goodness that eldar freehand is ridiculous. More more more!

    1. Indeed, once I have a dedicated photo-taking space and all the camera settings locked down I'll have no excuses. Speaking of which, I really enjoyed your review on the Foldio! That thing fits the photo-station need perfectly.

      And yeah, I love that Eldrad model! All credit goes to Krisken ( for that awesome freehand and paint scheme!

    2. That eldrad model is basically competition level. I think I could stare at it for hours. Glad you liked the foldio review, I backed the foldio2 (cause the stompa will fit in it!), so will probably have that up in march!

    3. Nice, I'm looking forward to your review on the 2! I'm glad they went larger for this iteration, being able to fit Stompa-sized models in there... amazing!