Monday, September 22, 2014

Bringing the void to a wallet near you!

It's a great looking model that fits right in with the existing Dark Eldar range, but $80 a pop is pretty steep. I'm sure the scale is off, but they seem to be quite a bit larger than Razorwings based on this picture:

Can't wait to see the rules for this one!

$80 is nothing compared to the whopping $250 price tag for the Archon Limited Edition Codex set:

As cool as this looks, I'd rather put the money saved by purchasing the standard codex plus each supplement separately toward more of the new models I'm sure I'll want :)

The leaks are flowing at this point and the release date can't get here soon enough. I can't wait to get my hands on the new DE codex!


  1. I honestly think they are purposely raising the price of the limited codexes until they don't sell out. There is absolutely no reason for the price scale here, other then trying to maximize profit...and honestly I don't blame them. If I am only producing 1000 of something, and it sells out at 180, then 225, then 250...I'd just keep raising it until it equalized!

    I love the way the bomber and the new archon looks. Dying to see the new dias type thing.

    1. I can see them doing that. GW is making a ton off of all these new hardback books, supplements, etc. Probably more than they make on the models at this point.

      Anyways, yes the Voidraven model is amazing! The most recent pics that are floating around of it, with the clear canopy underneath and that massive void mine... pure awesome!