GW Bundles With Actual Savings

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Good news everyone, it looks like GW finally learned what incentive means (and no, bundling $500 worth of models at no discount that can be purchased with one simple click doesn't count). I was checking out the website earlier and was shocked at the price tags on some of the new holiday bundles. To be clear, I'm usually shocked by the new prices cause they are outrageously high, but this time I was shocked to see them at closer to reasonable levels.

The 2 sets that interest me are the Eldar Ghost Warriors and the Astartes Storm Wing bundles, both with noticeable savings versus purchasing each model individually. The Eldar one is especially nice since you are basically getting the 2 Wraithlords for free.

Now if only they would offer these to independent retailers so we could purchase them 20% off, that would truly be a holiday gift from GW ;)


  1. I am glad the new Strikeforce for SM are available from independent retailers at least.

    1. Yeah, hopefully they do more of that. It's possible these end up there as well since they have new boxing like the Strikeforce, but it will probably depend on how well they sell online.

  2. Is this post a hint for santa claus? ;)