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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey, speaking of copyright infringement... For all of GW's recent lawyer badgering over this book, you would think they would have done their homework before committing the same crime against Dr. Plait, haha.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about all that nonsense. I just wanted to mention one of the more significant changes this book brings, namely the point reduction for the Stormtalon Gunship. I have to say, I'm really happy about the re-costing of this flyer along with the weapon loadouts. At 110 base, this thing is far more reasonable to include in your lists. This also changes my earlier analysis of how to equip one.

I still like the twin-linked lascannon for downing other fliers, but with the Skyhammer missiles going from one of the most expensive options down to the cheapest, it's hard to ignore that configuration.

At any rate, I definitely think I'll pick up a second talon at some point in the future as I have some fun list ideas that include these. I also ended up really liking the model after building the first one and I have to say it was probably the easiest 40k kit I have ever put together. With these changes, I'm sure we'll see more of these flying around the game tables, as well as its ugly larger cousin, the Stormraven, now that other chapters can use it.

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