WIP Necron Scarabs

Friday, March 30, 2012

I've been busy molding more scarabs for my ice cold robots of death. Above are the first 3 bases I built. I still may go back and add another scarab to each base to make it 5 per base, however I'm rolling through the green stuff (already built 10 of these bases) and my goal is to have around 25 - 30 bases, so adding an additional one to each is no small task and I'd definitely need more putty. We'll see how things go.

For the time being, to help fill out the rest of the base I'm chopping up scrap armor bits, dreadnought arms, guns, ammo drums, etc... basically anything that looks like a swarm of scarabs just tore through them as an appetizer to an all they can eat Imperial buffet (there's some Tau bits in there too).

Here's the mold I made using blu-stuff:

That's the first green stuff scarab and there's plenty more to come.

Overall, I'm really happy with the quality of the mold. In addition to the scarabs, I've managed to rebuild and repair the rest of my necron models and the army as a whole is really starting to come together. I'll try to get some more pictures of the rest posted up soon.


  1. The scarab mold looks good. What's the Blu stuff ( if it is Blu stuff ) like to work with?

    1. Thanks! Yes, the mold is Blu Stuff ( and I found it really easy to work with. I will say that my first attempt at the mold resulted in me not pressing the initial scarab model in time (basically, this stuff gets hard quick, faster than what they state in the instructions). But one failed attempt isn't a big deal; you get enough material to make several molds of this size. For the price, it's definitely worth a try.