Presidents Day

Monday, February 20, 2012

It being a holiday weekend and all, I decided to make a big hobby to-do list. Time keeps getting more and more limited so I need to crank a bunch of stuff out whenever I get the chance. The list is all over the place but at least I'm not getting bored working on the same unit.

  1. Finish magnetizing the Land Raider Crusader
I finally busted out my new micro sized drill bits which made this task a breeze. I even went back and redid all the other magnets since I could get a perfect fit drilling precise holes exactly where I needed them.

     2.  Build a box of DE Wracks and magnetize the weapons options

Again, the drill bits made the magnet part simple. What made this task annoying was Finecast, which isn't fine at all. The first couple boxes of this stuff was alright, but not for Dark Eldar... they have too many small, pointy bits that end up falling off or getting warped from basic handling of the model. Larger kits, ok, I wouldn't mind a Thunderfire cannon done in finecast, but the material just doesn't lend itself well at all with smaller models. I'm so happy I ordered most of my DE back when it was metal. Once the Court is finished, it's all plastic and metal for the rest of my DE. The material has made up my mind regarding a Coven build; less stuff to buy is also a good thing.

     3.  Finish Scout Bikes and Sternguard squad

I'm halfway done with both units. I think I'm more looking forward to being finished with these so they aren't taking up room on the table anymore.

     4.  Start assembling the last 2 Drop Pods

Haven't started this one and I'm not looking forward to it, haha. But, they will free up space on my shelf and will open up a few more builds with my Raven Guard, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

     5.  Press mold more Scarabs

I'm running really low on green stuff so this task is pretty much on hold till I can afford to get more supplies, same goes for the Immortals.


  1. Hey Joe, saw a battle report involving you and it brought me over for some vicarious biker fun.

    I have shelved the bikes for now, I am apparently not there yet and have switched-up again.

    Anyway, I'd be interested in seeing how you plan on magnetising the drop pods, and how small these bits/magnets are.

  2. Hey Rob, I'll get some pictures of the magnets I'm using and some more WIP shots posted up this week.

  3. Magnetizing the drop pods? I'm assuming to keep the doors shut until you want to drop them? I wish it did that with my FW drop pod. I live in fear of one of those doors swinging open and snapping off every time I take it out of the case.

    1. Yeah, I'd only magnetize the doors on a pod if keeping them closed was an issue (which it wasn't at all with my first one). But for your FW drop pod, which is totally awesome btw, I'd definitely magnetize those doors.