Nightbringer C'Tan

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I finally managed to finish the Nightbringer. I went back and forth on how to do the skin, trying several different colors and washes before stumbling upon the simple but effective grayscale. I think it helps him stand out a bit more against the deep blue and purple shrouds.

This was also the first model I was able to try some new basing materials with. I've never done a snow/ice/winter theme and was looking forward to trying it out before attempting a similar style on my nice Dragonforge Malifaux bases.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and will definitely keep the theme for the rest of the Necron army. It's nice to be able to switch things up. Now if only I could finalize a basing theme for my Dark Eldar, they'll be good to go. I have a couple of ideas and some more materials to try out. I don't want to make the base too hard to replicate but also want to make sure that it's adding to the overall feel of the model. At first I thought I would base the DE with this snowy tundra theme but it seems a little more fitting for the 'crons, like they are thawing out after a long slumber.

Sorry about the pictures, I'm still trying to figure out the lighting... I really just need to go out and get a decent lamp, or go back to shooting in natural daylight. Trying to situate and position 3 led flashlights is not going to cut it!


  1. Wow, he looks awesome. I think the pictures look good, too.

    I can't wait to see what else you've got for necrons.

    1. Thanks John! The Warrior and Immortal prototypes are up next, along with some scarabs.